Specialty Grains

We started in 2012 to grow non-GMO grains, as it was very difficult and expensive sourcing non-GMO feed for our pigs and chickens.  More research and demand from our customers we have transitioned to all food-grade varieties and an emphasis on heritage varieties.  We grow soybeans, corn, wheat, barley, rye, and are experimenting with other specialty grains such as popcorn, spelt, and flax.  Most of our grains are sold to specialty food buyers like local bakers, flour millers, distilleries, and malt houses for craft brewing.  But we are working to have more sold to our existing customers who already purchase our meats & eggs. 

We perform many experiments yearly on the farm with variety trials, varying production methods, planting techniques, and timing of planting / harvest.  Our focus with growing grains is much the same as our livestock / pasture management: Soil Health.  We believe that the future of agriculture is in conservation, soil health and biology not from GMO seed or a chemical jug.  We utilize intense cover crops, multi-species planting, and other conservation no-till techniques that have been used for years by many others but not yet put in place in our area.   These practices have proven the ability to break the dependence on herbicides, pesticides, and commercial fertilizers and we have set out to prove the viability in this area. 

Unloading Grain

Annual Planting

Threashing Rye