How to Purchase

We always love having visitors to the farm.  From single visitors to organized groups of hundreds we can provide educational fun tours of the farm so folks can learn more about how we produce your food.  You can always call or email to get more information about our products. Joining our email list and “liking us” on facebook you can get the most up to date information about product availability and info about the farm.

We offer two ways to purchase Products Retail at our Farm Store:

Open Fridays 11am-7pm

Saturdays 2-5pm

Other days available by appointment only

By the Cut


In Bulk

We normally offer bulk purchasing options such as 1/4, 1/2, and whole animals as well as custom bulk packages.  With the public response to the COVID 19 pandemic we have seen a dramatic increase in demands for retail product in our on farm store and our grocery partners.  In order to service the most number of families with our products we have temporarily suspended new bulk purchasing while we work to increase our inventory to meet this demand.  With our operation we plan production cycles 1-3 years in advance to accommodate for breeding, birth, growing out the animals, and planning for butcher dates based on historical demand needs.  We hope to return to normal by fall of 2020.  Make sure to follow our facebook page and have notification settings turned on to receive our weekly product availability updates.

Other Retail Locations That Carry our Products or Use our Products in the Production of Other Great Artisanal Foods

   4 N. Thompson St. Richmond, VA 23221

  5603 Patterson Ave. Richmond, VA 23226