Grass-fed Beef

Our beef is very lean, low in cholesterol, low in sodium, high in omega 3’s, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. The ground beef averages 90/10 lean, but it is not like most lean meats (dry and tasteless), ours is very moist and a full body flavor. We achieve this by only having our cattle eat grass instead of conventional grain finish.

Our cattle spend their days out on pasture and never receive any grain, silage, or animal byproducts. We practice MIG (management intensive grazing), we move our cattle at high density in fast rotation giving the grass and land long rest periods. This allows better distribution of the manure, less impact on the land, and extends the growing season by providing better drought resistance and stockpiled winter grazing, reducing the need for winter hay.

We are in the process of developing our herd for desirable meat characteristics, suitability on grass, maternal instincts, disposition, etc.  Our herd is primarily heritage breed Devon which is world renown for is eating quality and ability to perform on grass.  We also use some black angus to cross with our pure Devon Bull working to improve our cattle based on our forages, climate, and management techniques.

We raise our beef beyond organic: in that not only do we not use hormones, steroids, or routine antibiotics; but we keep our cattle on pasture 365 days of the year, not in feedlots, and never fed grain. This is not a requirement by organic standards, but we believe in taking good care of our animals, as they do care for us.