Free-Range Chicken

We get day-old baby chicks in from a hatchery which upon arriving at the farm they go into the warm, friendly environment of our brooder.  They spend their first two weeks in the brooder as to get acclimated enough to be transitioned into their mobile “chicken tractors”.  Once in the chicken tractors, they are moved daily to keep them on fresh pasture.  Much like the pigs, we provide them with a non-gmo grain free-choice to supplement the pasture as they cannot survive on pasture alone. 

We humanly process the chickens once fully grown and offer both whole chickens and parted up poultry (from breasts to feet).  We work to fully utilize the chickens for food, and anything that we are not able to market we compost to return these vitals nutrients back to the earth from which they came.  Turkeys are coming soon for the holiday season.