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Natural Meats and Specialty Grains

We are a 3rd generation family farm located in western Hanover County, VA. Established in 1951 – we specialize in Grass-Fed Beef, Pasture Raised Pork, Free Range Poultry, Eggs, and specialty Non-GMO grains. Striving to bring back the small farm and the relationship between the farmer and consumer we sell direct: Farm Fresh from our Family to Yours

We want to make the farm a part of the community and have the community be part of the farm. Being a part of that community, we want to ensure that we are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and socially acceptable. We take pride in the land that we have been provided and want to ensure that it will be here to provide for the next generation and beyond.

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Finishing up harvest 16' by moon beams and trailer lights. All our our non-gmo beans are in the bin, along with their heirloom corn, popcorn, and wheat counterparts. Now time to get to cleaning and packaging to ready the products to market. But first, bedtime. ...

Beautiful morning on the farm ...

Great story of how farming families can overcome the greatest adversity. #4generationsofkeenbell keep it going. ...

Three daughters pick up the load after there fathers death and run the farm , this story brought tears to my eye's as watch and listerned to there story . youtu.be/VNEZeINFQd8